Rolex Air King Watch Collection

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Luxury Spy is the premier outlet to buy and sell such true classic Rolex Air King watches which are one of the best and most reliable luxury brand watches available in the world. Luxury Spy, one of the UK’s most trusted dealers has been buying and selling such luxury brands internationally since from 1992. We trade in all type of Rolex Air King Watches, whether it is new, pre-owned or second hand at discounted rates which are thoroughly examined by our professional watch experts for 100% authenticity. All Air king watches are in very good conditions and are available at very competitive rates. Get best deals on Rolex Air-King at and save huge on buying from us.

Air-King ranges of watches are considered as the “entry level” model from Rolex categories. We have all types of Rolex Air-King watches such as Rolex Air King 14010M, Rolex 14000m, Rolex 114200, Rolex 5700 etc. available in our collections.

Rolex Air-King is known for its sleek and iconic design which is popular from most of the luxury watches in the world. The Rolex Air King vintage watch models date back to the 1930’s and have been highly sought after ever since its early introductions. Rolex Air-Kings are unisex watch brand which can be seen on both men & women wrists. They are often seen with special bright and colorful dials.

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